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DEATHLY HALLOWS!!! [Jul. 21st, 2007|01:09 am]

I think Debbie is channelling all her Harry Potter 7 anticipation thru me!!

Its 1:10 and I can't sleep. I really should as I have to be at work tomorrow at 9:30 and I'm metting Bekka at 8:30 to go get THE BOOK!!!

What will happen.....????

Who will die? Is Snape good or evil? What are the horcuxes? Will Ron and Hermionie get it on? Does Harry kill Voldie? Do they both die? Who is RGB? So many questions!!!!

8 hours till the book is in my hands - yes Deb you will get it back i promise!!

Wonder if I can take a REALLY long break at work....???

Deb I blame you for this obsession of mine...

Oh just gotta say I love LUNA!!!! "I think I'll go have some pudding" roflmao!!

Ok me sleep now..
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Team Feral and the Feral F#$wit! Opening act for P!nk... [Apr. 24th, 2007|01:52 pm]
Ok Deb fixed the Internets so I can upload the entry I did last nite.

Ok now I have had some sleep we can get down to business!! We got to the Entertainment Centre just before 5 and there really wasn't that many people there. Fabulous Pauly had already got there and was waiting in line. We joined him... then the fun began!!

Feral old people in the line trying desperately to recapture their youth and only suceeding in acting like spoilt 13 year old brats. We were all standing in line and deb wanted a smoke so she politely moved out of the line to have her smoke. Fair enough. You would think that would be the polite thing to do. Not so the fuckwit in front of us. He was smoking away and I made a comment to Paul and Deb along the lines of don't be so damn inconsiderate and move out of the line when smoking, what if one of us was ashmatic or something. This fuckwit turns and gives as a look of death as does his dog of a girlfriend/wife but it doesn't stop there... He then turns and deliberately faces me and blows smoke directly into my face!!I'm like back the fuck off you rude c%#t!!!

I snap out before my self preservation instincts kick in. "Ok that is not on you do not blow smoke in my face" That is the worst form of bad manners. It is one of, if not THE rudest thing a smoker can do to a non smoker. Then things started to get fun!! NOT! These guys just wouldn't shut up, they just kept going on and on about it. I turned to Paul and said something like "what are you doing at a Pink concert anyway" Seriously these guys were like late 30's and looked like they should be at the Slug and Lettuce (as Paul put it). Oh that got them started! We just tuned them out and tried to ignore them. Then another friend of there's rocked up. And the were like "We don't belong here! Some people said we don't belong here!" and she pointed to us. Her friend takes one look at us and says "why coz we are not fat and ugly"

I'm just sitting there thinking, well firstly that is not what I said don't twist my words mother fucker! My self preservation instinct had finally showed up. Then I started thinking what are we in high school??!! Seriously these guys would not SHUT UP!! We were over it and trying to ignore them and just wait for the doors to open. Feral Fucker (from now on known as FF) had left the line and when he can back he barreled his way past me, deliberately stepping on my foots and pushing me out the way when there was plenty of room for him to get past. I REALLY wanted to say something to him but he had started drinking and it would have been all bad. Him and all his feral friends were drinking... oh joy.

When we finally got inside we ran as close to the stage as we could (as you do!) and how should be right there but Team Feral!! I was freaking for awhile there. Between The Andriods and Pink FF left/got thrown out we're not sure which. He just stormed thru everyone, yelling "get the fuck out of my way!" Am assuming he did that all the way thru the crowd. Thankfully he did not return. He either got stuck at the back or refused entry coz he was a Feral Fuckwit!!

Ok that was my P!nk concert vent. I had to do that. Will get to the good stuff next entry!
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I want a Pet P!nk!!!! [Apr. 24th, 2007|01:26 pm]
[Current Mood |Tired yet REALLY excited!]
[Current Music |P!nk - Fingers live at the entertainment centre!!]

Oh my god!!

That was the best damn concert I have ever been to!! Fuck that woman is sex on legs!! My feet are sore, my lower back is killing me, my ears are seriously ringing and my throat feels red raw but I DON'T CARE!!!!!

That was so full on... am so going to see her again when she comes back in May!! HELL YEAH!!!!

As if my internet is being a pain atm and not letting me get online AT ALL!! offended! So am writing this now and will post tomorrow after Deb has fixed the internets!

I have to write now. I am WAY to hyped to sleep!!

Been going thru the photos and there are some really good ones, unfortuantely a lot of them are grainy but they are actually some damn good shots if i do say so myself!! Oh and i filmed her singing Fingers!! I love that song!! And it came out really clear!! AWESOME!!!! Down side is you can hear me and chris drooling over her in the background at some points.... whoopsie!! Oh and you can hear me scream a lot as well... what can i say she was wearing a bikini and writhing a lot!! Hel-lo!! I needed a private moment after hearing that! Fingers do the walking alright!! ;)

Concert highlights:

Pink writhing around and gyrating on a motorcycle - think a large portion of the audience wanted to be that motorcycle and those that didn't probably hadn't hit puberty yet!!

As if LJ won't let me put up pictures!! Not happy. Got this awesome photo of her on her bike.

Am going to bed now. Brain is fried and back is killing me!
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P!NK!!! P!NK!!! P!NK!!! P!NK!!! P!NK!!! P!NK!!! P!NK!!! [Apr. 23rd, 2007|03:08 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |P!nk - Cuz I Can]

Oh my god!! In 4 hours I will be watching P!NK!! I am so excited!!

I am already dressed to go!

Yay off to stand in a line for 2+ hours!! It is gonna be SOOOOO worth it!

Have been listening to P!nk songs all day.

I can't wait to hear Fingers live - I fucking love that song!!

Bekka will be here in bout 20 mins, and we can bounce around together. Deb rudely left me to get dressed on my own!! As if planning a wedding is more important than Pink!! I mean really!! :-)

Am teasing Xoe!! Oh my god June???!! Congratulations!! Oh and I will believe nothing till I see you in your wedding gown with no visable bump.... ;)
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I am broken and pathetic.... [Apr. 19th, 2007|04:06 pm]
[Current Mood |in PAIN!!]
[Current Music |Dodgy hold music for a medical imaging place]

As some of you may or may not know I have had a VERY sore wrist for the past few weeks! There has been much pain, swelling and i cannot put any pressure on it.

Today i found out i have torn my ulnotriquetral ligament! Quite a mouthful huh? Apparently it is a very hard ligament to tear and it is very painful ligament to tear. Methinks i did it at work... i blame the coffee machine!!

Hopefully its not to bad as the perscribed tratment is surgery... eep! they is gonna try drugs and physio.
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GWEN!!! [Apr. 17th, 2007|12:35 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

Oh my god!! I got tix! YES!! Am gonna go see gwen! As we can tell this makes me happy!

This is gonna be so fucking awesome! And in less than a week we will be at a P!nk concert screaming like maniacs and trying to figure out how to get past her big beefy bodyguards and kidnap her... I want a pet P!nk damnit!!

If Deb gets Jaraed Leto I want me P!nk!! Sounds fair to me.
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(no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2007|11:49 am]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

My cat is trying to give me a heart attack!!! He got into a fight yesterday and Deb and I found a bite puncture wound on his chest. It was full of pus and gunk - quite disgusting really. Found out what real friendship is yesterday. Real friendship is holding down a cat while said friend squeezes pus out of a wound. That may be a TMI but deal.

Made a vet appt this morning. Bundled cat into cage and jumped in car to head down there. Parked on a side street near the vet and hauled my cat out. As I was walking the handle on the cat cage gave, cage dropped to the ground. At which point the door came open - out shoots my cat!!!

I should point out my vet is on lower north east road. My cat tears off at top speed for who knows where. I drop everything I'm carrying and give chase. Thankful an AWESOME vet nurse Tania was outside and saw everything so she chases after Merlin with me. He bolts out on to the road at which point Elainer's heart stops. Thankfully the cars see him and slow down. He runs back onto the footpath, shoots back into the side street and jumps a huge fence and hides under one of the cars in there.

It is at this point I learn from the vet that thoses people own two MASSIVE bull mastifs!!! Lainey's heart starts up again and proceeds to go into overdrive! Thankfully said dogs appear to be locked in the backyard. However fence is huge and no one is answering the intercom. All the whilw my cat is whinning like a bitch under one of the cars totally ignoring my calls.

We decide that the dogs are definately locked up so i wont get eaten, so I clamber over this fence (thankfully no spikes) to retrieve my animal. I have to lie on the ground and contort myself to reach my cat. Eventually i manage to grab him and haul him out. I am now covered in grease and crap. We manage to get him back into the cage and into the vet for his appt.

He has a small bite puncture that was cleaned out really well (thanks deb!! i think you missed your calling!) and i just have to dose him up with antibiotics twice a day for a week. Oh and they had to shave him a little and he got a thermometer up the butt. All that for that.

Then as i was paying for everything two women come rushing in asking if the vet taked injured animals. Apparently a dog was hit by a car and they bought it in. Then i started thinking about what could have happened to my boy and got teary.

Now my cat is home and all is fine. He is sprawled out on the floor behind me not a care in the world.

I have one thing to say I LOVE MY CAT!!!!! Why does he try to give me heart attacks...??
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WE WON!!! [Jun. 13th, 2006|12:30 am]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Ok so I am getting sucked into World Cup Fever. I blame my boss. I caught the last mins of the game. 3 goals in the space of 8 mins! Love your work guys!

Australia's first ever victory in a World Cup final! Go Aussie!!!

Now we just have to face Brazil...
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Ow the pain! [May. 8th, 2006|10:22 am]
[Current Mood |soresore]

So on Saturday at work, we are flat out, children are everywhere (damn kids shows!) and parents are being impatient little pricks. I run out the back to get a Sprite for a woman as we had ran out in the main fridge and someone comes charging thru the swing door. The door flys open and smacks me on the left arm. My shoulder copped the brunt of it but my lower arm got it as well. I immediately drop to the floor with tears of pain in my eyes. FUCK IT HURT!!!

I sat with ice on it for a bit then went back to work. Realised i couldn't lift my arm over my head nor could i lift anything heavy. Then the tingling and numbness started. That was a weird feeling. Am expceting the mother of all bruises on my shoulder (if i don't get one i am gonna feel so jipped)

Sunday morning I wake up and my entire arm hurts. My shoulder has a big bump on it and my forarm is all swollen. The tingling and numbness is back down my arm and at the tips of my fingers. Deb tells me it might be a good plan if i saw a doc. So we first head to Macca's for sustance as we know we could be in the emergency room for a while waiting then we head to Modbury hospital.

We weren't actually waiting to long which is amazing we were outta there in just over an hour. The diagnosis, nothing broken according to the xrays and just soft tissue damage. Basically i whacked it good and proper and there is deep muscle brusing. They gave me drugs thou... panadine forte makes the pain go away.

Woke up this morning to head into uni but my arm is killing me. And i can't really use my left arm at all. So i'm having a sickie today. Am siting here in my pj's typing this. I have a small black and white furry thing purring his scone off on my lap and desperatly trying to get me to pay him some attention. Stupid kitty. But cute :p
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Baked Beans and Mashed Potatoes [May. 5th, 2006|08:32 pm]
[Current Location |The Milky Way Galaxy.]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |The sound of Debbie Cleaning]

I have nothing truly exciting to say so i thought i would bore you all to tears with a little inanity.

Had my MCBL prac today, got to handle more of the neurotoxic chemical (acrylamide)with plastic gloves that it goes thru anyway. Joy. along with just some plain old toxic chemicals (methanol). The concern for the safety of the students Flinders Uni has is amazing!

Safety standards in general really, as we had some ether ignite in a malfunctioning fume cupboard explode a chem lab and burn it to the ground, creating a $15,000 damage bill last week.

Aside form the obvious danger my life has been in ;) the MCBL prac was kinda cool. Got to pour, load and run my own DNA gels. Excitement plus. Trust me it was fun (they worked unlike the peoples in the next lab who had to repeat things 4 times before it worked).

Got a house inspection on Sunday so am gonna be cleaning like crazy when i get home from work on Sat nite. Joy a double performance of Snow White. Oh the Children...

Must go study (ha!)

PS. Yes I know there was nothing about baked beans or mashed potatoes in here but i couldn't think of anything for a subject and that was the first random thing that popped into my head. deal with it.
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